Announcing the TyranoBuilder Spring Game Jam Winners!

This year’s game jam was exceedingly hard for the judges to vote on! There were so many great entries and we have enjoyed playing them all, but winners had to be selected and the judges finally have their picks for  ★TyranoBuilder Spring Game Jam 2017!

Here are our winning games. Click any screenshot to download the game and play for yourself!

Gold Prize ($500): Dome King Cabbage Chapter 0 by Cobysoft Co.

Mush is on their way to a job interview and has an interesting conversation with the driver.

Judging Summary:
This novel caught the judges’ eyes with great art, trippy effects, good writing, clear use of theme, and a story that intrigues you about the in-game world.

Silver Prize ($300): Eyas by bluebirdplays

When a baby hawk falls out of his nest, a jaded fox discovers him and finds purpose.

Judging Summary: In a very close second, Eyas is a charming animal story which has the feel of a children’s book. The story is well put together and provides a full package – art, writing, widely-appealing themes, multiple choices, and a story that holds interest.


The Refenestration of Prague Overview:
Stanislaus is determined to prevent a war. He sees the way that Bohemia is divided against itself and has a plan to stop it. But can anything be done to rebuild trust and give Bohemia a fresh start?

Judging Summary:
Fantastic historical subject matter, authentic period music, clever use of classical art work and portraits.


From the Ashes Overview:
March has some big, anger issues that throttle him into the world of Rai, a simple boy who wants to grow a humble farm. March doesn’t know why he’s there or what he’s supposed to do, and he especially doesn’t understand how Rai and growing some plants would help his situation any better. Yet, regardless of how he feels, he can’t help but wonder what’s going on… Or get frustrated with it all before it even begins.

Judging Summary:
A very strong entry with ambitious production values and an intriguing set of characters, good use of theme, what art is there is nice enough. Grabs the interest, would be willing to read more in the setting but the story is incomplete in itself.


No Medicine Overview:
It’s about the potential beginning of a new friendship between Jess, a lonely and awkward PhD student, and Sybil, a snarky and sarcastic former student of the same university.

Judging Summary:
The competent art and story writing give just enough buildup to let you anticipate events right before they happen. The story flows well, with great pacing and cute art. The end was just open enough to leave room for more, but it was also satisfying enough to be a standalone piece.


Here is some other games you should check out, while they weren’t picked up by all of the judges, they did make it into some of the judges top picks:

Eqo by Clement Panchout
Dai-Yamori-Kaiju by FreightGames
True Odds  by Attic Salt
Where the Roots Grow by cubehero

Thank you to all the amazing people who took part in our game jam this year, to the amazing 50 entries we had for this jam, the great staff at, and special thanks to the Guest judges who gave their personal time to play and review every entry, without them this jam wouldnt be as special so please check out their recent works:

Georgina Bensley of Hanako Games has recently helped publish a novel called English Exchange:

Ayu Sakata of sakevisual has their most recent work of Backstage Pass that you can get directly from their website:

Antonio Lorenzo Carino of Sapphire Dragon Productions recently finished getting their newest game greenlit, you can find out more about their visual novel/astro shooter here:

‘Til the next jam thank you for taking part and including TyranoBuilder in the process, we hope that this game jam has help stir up ideas for games you might make in the future. From everyone at Nyu Media and STRIKEWORKS, THANK YOU!!