Here is a showcase some of the games that talented people are creating using TyranoBuilder and TyranoScript!

Click on a link to visit the homepage and see more details.

Houkago Quest! 2

Houkago Quest! 2 is a short visual novel by the talented LK Project and really shows off how Live2D animation can take visual novels to the next level! LK Project also created the ‘Nasuka’ character model used in our Live2D tutorial! Check it out and get inspired!

Houkago Quest! 2 HomepageHoukago Quest! 2


The Ties That Bind

A sci-fi visual novel created by two time Aurealis Award finalist and graphic novelist Shane Smith. A freelance pilot and hired hand who must use her wits to survive a civil war on the desert world of Messar, and save the lives of thousands of others. This a TyranoBuilder Summer Jam 2015 submission.

The Ties That Bind Development Blog

The Ties That Bind


TyranoBuilder Summer Jam 2015 Submissions

Over July to September 2015, we held our inaugural TyranoBuilder Summer Jam. There were 38 entries – an amazing turn out for our first event and chock full of quality submissions. Check out the games at the official jam page at the link below!

TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam 2015



True Lover's Knot

True Lover’s Knot is a multi-platform visual novel by Sapphire Dragon Productions in which Emma, a London-based tech genius, and her best friend, Lucas, take to the high seas in a luxurious cruise that will change their lives forever! Available now for the PC and iOS devices!

True Love’s Knot on Steam

True Love’s Knot on the iTunes Store

True Love's Knot


Yukikotan no Kohi Meikyu ('Yukiko-tan's Coffee Labyrinth')

A free promotional visual novel game produced by Yukijirushi (Japan’s largest milk supplier), written by Nojima Masashiro (Final Fantasy series), and voiced by Ayana Taketatsu!

Yukikotan no Kohi Meikyu Official Site (Japanese)

Yukoko-tan's Coffee Mystery


Kimi Ga Matsu, Kono Basho De ('Here, Where You Await')

A short, browser-based adventure game by the developer Sis-Tears. An English language, browser-based demo is available HERE.

Sis-Tears Homepage (Japanese)

Kimi ga Matsu, Kono Basho de


Watashi No Kare Wa Shindeiru ('My Boyfriend is Dead')

Watashi No Kare Wa Shindeiru is a visual novel game series by the talented Aoi Sakura.
The original visual novel game Watashi no Kare Wa Shindeiru is available to play as a browser game, Windows game, iPhone app, and Android app, and has also spawned a spin-off simulation game, Watashi No Kare Wa Shindeiru – My Favorite Days.



Tetsugose No Ose ('Tryst of Prison')

A short form multi-platform adventure game, also by Aoi Sakura. Uses TyranoBuilder’s flexibility and customizability to great effect! Available for Windows and iOS from the game homepage below.

Tetsugose No Ose Homepage (Japanese)Tryst of Prison

New games will be added soon and we expect this page to start filling up fast, so please check back again!