Announcing the TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam Winners!

The judges’ deliberation is complete and the results are in! So without further ado, it gives us great pleasure to announce the winners of the inaugural TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam!

Here are our winning games. Click any screen shot to download the game and play for yourself!

1st Place ($350): A Flamingo Tail by birdblueplays

When a hungry mongoose steals away the child of the River King, Flamingo is the only creature who takes a stiff-legged stand and goes on a journey to bring it back.

Judging Summary:
Cute art, good music, and a cute story. Simplistic and endearing, like a children’s book. Clearly understood limitations of a jam game, where a zany concept, efficient art style and getting straight into action story-wise are crucial.

A Flamingo Tail


2nd Place ($250): Closure by miririri

The princess has been living alone with her dragon for 18 years and she’s sick of that. And one day, a knight came in to rescue her… or?

Judging Summary:
Simple, but charming, and has an interesting story with a unique twist on an established ‘dragon and its captive princess’ dynamic. Ultimately though, it was the art style that pushed this game from being middle-of-the-pack to being a top pick.



3rd Place *Tie* ($75 each): CE-5 by PrismProjections and Bound by Fate by Mayhem Makers

A Paladin and a Little Devil, both are tasked to steal the artifact that powers the evil overlord. He calls himself “Fate” because, according to him, even that he overcame. The paladin wishes to destroy the stone and the devil to use the power for herself.
However, they are both captured, and Fate decides to chain them together.
Now they both, imprisioned and one week away from execution, must find a way to escape the overlord’s castle. Will they both, now chained by fate (literally) succeed?

Judging Summary:
Ranks high on the “d’aawwww” scale. Starts out rough, but improves significantly, and has one of the most memorable characters of the entire roster of entries. The banter between the two main characters is funny and engaging, and the character art, though rough, is appealing and conveys personality.

Bound by Fate


Sometimes running from something brings you closer instead.
You’ve left your home and everything you’ve ever known behind for the city life for a reason unknown even to yourself. What does your new home hold for you?
CE-5 is a first-person visual novel exploring events surrounding a group of people at a communal complex in the city.

Judging Summary:
One of the tightest games in the jam, technically and visually speaking. Suffers from some narrative pacing issues, but these are more forgivable given the jam context. A nice building of tension and the twist, while abrupt, is interesting enough to sell the story overall.



Live2D Prize ($250): Angel's Smile Vol. 1 by tsunie

Angel’s Smile is a romantic and funny story, in which two guys seek to realize their dreams. Life’s problems and various vicissitudes bring them to cross their destiny.

Judging Summary:
Angel’s Smile is ambitious and visually competent, but does contains some jarringly incorrect English. This turned out, however, to be actually kind of endearing and often hilarious though, and I found the game to be time enjoyably spent.

Angel's Smile Vol. 1


Congratulations to all of our winners and a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our 39 entrants for all of their hard work and creativity! It was an amazing turn out for our first game jam event and it was chock full of quality submissions, so please be sure to check out the other games from the jam too! Thank you also to our esteemed panel of professional visual novel developer judges for their time and expertise.

We’re already looking forward to the next jam event which will happen next year, but in the meantime, we continue to refine and improve TyranoBuilder, and we have a new update to release next week! Watch our Twitter or Facebook accounts, or visit the TyranoBuilder Discussion Group for announcements and details!

That’s it for the summer 2015 jam! From everyone at Nyu Media and STRIKEWORKS, THANK YOU!!