STRIKEWORKS is a one-man development studio that belongs to the programmer ShikemokuMK and produces a variety of tools and utilities, ranging from animation plugins to social network services.
TyranoBuilder and its sister tool TyranoScript are part of STRIKEWORKS’ mission to bring the enjoyment of both making and playing visual novels to people around the world. While TyranoScript is a scripting-only multi-platform visual novel engine, TyranoBuilder is a complete visual interface that builds on TyranoScripts functionality, making producing multi-platform visual novels easier and faster than ever.
TyranoBuilder is perfect for people who wish to make their own game, but find existing game creation tools too complex or time-consuming to use. Now is the time to get started!
The western release of TyranoBuilder brings the latest GUI design and new functionality to Valve’s Steam digital distribution and community. With this, we hope to help expand the global visual novel community and encourage more people to take up game creating!